LOVE doesn’t need a particular age and neither does it come packed along for only “one person ”

Do u remember , when you were a kid , your elder’s told you love and make it last like it’s forever , wait for the right one to come , wait for the correct age ,wait for an  approval , and there’s only ONE perfect person  and then you’ll have it all and you  wont go wrong ? 

 i see so many young people end their life’s because their love didn’t last forever , they’re heart broken because the one they chose wasn’t the right one after all ,and they’re best friends cant approve the one they love ,  But what if we brought up children telling them , love isn’t meant to last forever , it’s worth it while it lasts , there are going to be many ” RIGHT ONE’S ” . Some are not fortunate to have a love last till their old , we can die young , and we got to stop looking at the Rolex or  Tag Heuer  on our wrist , and checking the time cause there’s only now or never . what about a 22 year old , who’s battling cancer cells which are all set to kill her  and her mother always told her love wasn’t meant to take off early and wait for the right age , and when she finally reaches that age , she’s not out loving but dying . What about the grandma and grandpa who told me they fell in love at 13 and it still feels the same ? We are so busy attaching love-tags to only one person , that when  we are all heartbroken , shattered and miserable , we feel like we are dead .. Why don’t we teach kids to love themselves before they love anyone else , so that when people walk out , they can open the door and say goodbye to them and still love themselves , their beauty , their confidence and wait for another one to walk through the same door instead of hanging themselves and slitting their wrists . We attach love to a particular age , that when your 18 year old daughter and son are heartbroken facing a breakup which hurts as bad your divorce , you fail to sympathize and give your child the much needed hug.Image

All we got to do is love ourselves first , it isn’t selfish , its just a shield . We got to know there is not only one Mr.Right who falls from the sky , but there are plenty and we our lucky to have a choice to make . And there is no right age to love , cause a 14 year old love struck girl and boy can make it work out and overcome the hurdles  and make it last till their older and not walk out of relationships like elder’s do . It’s what we Tell them that makes it wrong , and it’s their experiences and mistakes that make it right .That love knows no rules n hence we should not restrict ourselves to what we hear and even experience 

If we love ourselves , we can learn to love again .


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