We Girl’s always want to go back or forward ? what about the present ?


We girl’s always want to go back in time or fast forward the time . Why is it so difficult to just stop and breathe in the Present . We always find ourselves in a double bind . When I was a little girl , i always wanted to wear my mommy’s lipstick , and walk around in over sized heel’s


.. i wouldn’t like the pink little frock , and i always wanted to be a teenager and have pretty long nails and at least be able to use an eye liner without mom yelling at me . Don’t we always want to grow before our age .

And when i was almost there i was battling heartbreak’s and betrayals , a best friend walking out on me , i wouldn’t even call them best friends anymore  , when jealousy was found here , there and everywhere , i wanted to go back to the days when i was a little girl .

 sometimes i miss being a 6 year old and playing with my doll house or probably dragging my sister to play ” house-house ” , i miss skinning my knees , i miss falling a sleep in the car on the drive back home and finding myself cuddling my teddy the  next morning , i miss the comfort zone of not having to go out and deal with bigger problems , and rather just deal with my  brother eating the candy- bar and the bigger share of cake . 

and sometimes i wish i never had to fall in love , have a best friend who could know my deepest darkest secrets and not talk to me again , a love i can’t move away from , i wish i didn’t have to be so attached . When my parents asked me how my day was earlier ,i used to tell them it’s pretty much the same thing . But now i long for them to ask me if I’m faking a smile and if everything is alright and for them to see me as i am , like a rat in a sinking- ship , and not like the girl who brighten’s up their day .


And now i realize we fail to live the moment , maybe when   I am older .. and got to balance career and a settled life , i will miss the days i had a chance to be young , love like I’m dying tomorrow , and the time when i could streak my hair and not worry about what my boss think’s of me . I will miss the heartbreaks and the chance’s i got  to move on . 


Why do we need to keep missing what we had ? In that process we lose out on what we have . It’s the same with people , when we are heartbroken , we act so dead and miserable , It’s almost like we are acknowledging an untrue fact , that someone else own’s our Life, we miss out on the joys and happiness other’s are waiting to bless us with . 

 nobody can go back & start a new beginning , but anyone can start today & make a new ending.We should just stop and enjoy being a baby , a teenager , an adult or an experienced elder . We live once , and we could to make each stage worth while.  In life, we do things ,  Some, we wish we had never done & some we wish we could replay a million  times. But, they all make us who we are & in the end, they shape & detail us. If we were to reverse them, we wouldn’t be the same person we are today. So just live . Make mistakes. and have wonderful  memories. Never  second guess who you are where  you’ve been , & most importantly where you’re going , 

Seize the day and live in the moment 



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