To mom and dad , please stop .

so reached a point where family has to be only ” picture – perfect”
Smile and cheese and there you have a perfect family picture .
So while I shed a tear and introspect ,
Its just a mind numbing cocktail ,
A very bitter mixture
I realize the little boy gazed into the abyss and didn’t realize the abyss was gazing into him , he grew up to be the mister he was fighting ,
I would pay people to turn down the offer to such a dramatic film ,
Wake up at 6 am and hear a shout ,
Instantly I know a fight will break out,
When I was young to watch , mother and father was a horrible sight ,
I was 8 I went to the chapel I said a prayer to god to show me the way
They should stop fighting every day
now I’m 19 and I know for sure , I don’t want to live this way
You created me out of love , don’t bring me up in hate ,
Mama please don’t talk to dada that way ,
Your words get meaner each day ,
Dad please don’t yell and break things that way ,
I hate to see mommie cry ..
I know I’m born in this family and I need to accept , but I just don’t understand why ,
There’s so much of hate , I wonder if I die sooner , would I put an end to this terrible fate .

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