Ordinary girl

Ran out of words and rhymes ,
Just like i ran out of those good old times ..
the world was spinning for us ,
and now it seems like an expected halt
it’s a known charade,
What was I thinking , this time I’ll wake up unafraid ?
The faint remnants of touching him ,
Wondering if it was a dream or real ?
he said I’m different ,
But I’m just an ordinary insecure girl .
The world is a time bomb ticking ,
The grounds giving way ,
Promises and people never stay ,
just like that bestfriend who appears to walk astray ,
she was on the horizon line ,
Didn’t notice there was a storm soon to be .
But I wasn’t different , just a normal girl ,
In love with a memory.
there was a prayer inside of me ,
But now I’m just empty ,
a lonely night and an already scripted fight
I ain’t the same girl I used to be ,
After a while these little things got to me .
If these plain white walls could speak ,
It would tell a story of an extraordinary girl , and how her memories made her weak .
but she didn’t break down and rest , even though it seemed like the end
Cause she believed the only time she’ll sleep is when she’s dead .

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