College ( photography)


My second year degree college , But I’ve grow up so fast in St.Xaviers . it’s not something i waited for, it just kind of happened . today i look back and I am proud of who I’ve become, while at the same time, i miss who I was.

When i first entered this place , Located in South Mumbai , India , i believed heaven was a place on earth , they said St. Xavier’s College is not just a college but a way of life , at the end of junior college , we all knew its not a way of life but its our LIFE , we met irreplaceable people , spend the best moments over here , and when its time to leave , nostalgia wouldn’t grip us cause , we never leave our college behind , we take it wherever we go through our experiences and memories

Most of the pictures I’ve posted below , I took on my first day of college , and these pictures really mean alot ot me , cause when I figured out what I wanted to click, I also figured out where I wanted to be for the next five years of my life .

This place is the source of who I am and where I see my self in the years to come .

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