LOVE doesn’t need a particular age and neither does it come packed along for only “one person ”


Do u remember , when you were a kid , your elder’s told you love and make it last like it’s forever , wait for the right one to come , wait for the correct age ,wait for an  approval , and there’s only ONE perfect person  and then you’ll have it all and you  wont go wrong ? 

 i see so many young people end their life’s because their love didn’t last forever , they’re heart broken because the one they chose wasn’t the right one after all ,and they’re best friends cant approve the one they love ,  But what if we brought up children telling them , love isn’t meant to last forever , it’s worth it while it lasts , there are going to be many ” RIGHT ONE’S ” . Some are not fortunate to have a love last till their old , we can…

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