Now you see me… you don’t!

Well written article on the growing trend of ” disappear-reappear friends ” . Had to reblog it for you .

Culture Monk

I'm not listening to you


by Kenneth Justice

~Don’t you just love those friends who ignore you for months….maybe even years….and then when they are feeling especially bored they give you a call?

Or maybe they are all of a sudden going through some kind of emotional situation and they know that if they call you…’ll be sure to forgive their conspicuous 8 month absence and offer them a shoulder to cry on?

These types of friends are like David Copperfield – with the touch of their magical fingers they type in your cell phone number when they need you.

For the most part…..I’m a pretty laid back person

And even though it annoys me when friends treat me this way; my response is to always be forgiving…..right?

Do other cultures practice this kind of disappear – reappear friend routine‘?

If only I could figure out how to do this magic-trick when it came to paying…

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