have you ever .. ?



Have you ever felt you’ve reached   a place without  actually travelling  that distance  ,
Well , those kind of things you see in Chronicles of Narnia ?
survived a revolution longer than it’s existence , 
  just like the three kings , have you ever found yourself following     a star ? 
but in reality , it’s like trying to visit fantasy  ,  
en route  Devastation . 
You just keep moving and then you realize like a local train its being  only moving between the first and last station    . 
And somewhere  in between you’ve been waiting  for a revelation ,  
Such a long journey ,  waiting on the destination , 
And yet it feels like you haven’t even departed ,    
And just when you depart , you don’t even remember what is it that made you get started .
Have you.  , 
almost felt like a martyr for no cause , 
A soldier left with no war ?
A lion who forgot what it is to roar ? 
An Oscar winner left with no applause ? 
Rewind and replay 
And you’ll know these questions aren’t hypothetical  but rhetorical . 
Cause  , you’ve been a victim to foul play . 
 When You astray to a place , have you ever felt like a rat in a maze 

You don’t wish to stay , but have u felt like halfway back is a non existent way ?



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