Celebrating your existence

You are everything , just everything .
Dear andie ,
You know exactly how incredibly immature we can act sometimes. Thank you for not judging us when we did something really stupid, but also thanks for telling us we were an idiot and probably shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Thank you for believing in us when we were too weak and exhausted to believe in ourselves . Thank you for being there to pick up the pieces when yet another person had left them broken. Thank you for being a friend and with no motivation or desire to back-stab. And thank you for making sure that we are never really alone, even when we feel like we are . What happens to you happens to us . If you are ever sad, we are sad for you, if you are ever excited, we are excited too, if you are about to pee your pants because a joke was so funny, chances are, we already peed , just kidding. . . You have no idea how happy we are, that we are your best friends. We would do anything for you and we know you would do the same for us. No matter where life takes us, you will always be in our heart and on our speed-dial. You are truly our best friend, through thick and thin, through all our fights, I hope you know that we will always love you like sisters and there is nothing in this world that could ruin that . We want us to be friends when we graduate from college. . We want us to be friends when we get our first job. We want us to be friends when we’re married and have kids or pets or whatever. We want us to be friends when we’re going through menopause. We want us to be friends when we’re old enough to have grand children. And we want us to be friends even when we’re sitting on a wheelchair and have no teeth. Cause we know that this beautiful relationship has date of manufacture, but we promise there will be no expiry date. In your words, this shit will last forever.

So here’s to you, birthday girl. Here’s to you and our friendship. And here’s to everything that makes it that much more worthwhile.

Love your present and forever and always besties

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