Time is doing something more than move the hands on that clock , more than turn night into day and day into night , months into a year and years to a decade . Time is distracting you from what it is actually plotting ,and making you focus on tiny problems , sum of it won’t be bigger than that plotting . Having said this , it was just last summer , when i was with Her , walking around picking up fruits , or standing firmly trying to learn her dance moves . Talking about bucket lists and dreams and ticking things we did that summer .
That lazy Sunday afternoon, trying to wake her up while she took her afternoon nap , and today I’m standing right there , trying to wake her up , and waiting for her to shout at me for being nothing more than a noise . And I’m still standing , her eyes are open , and I’m looking her in the eye , and wonder if she can see me or is she looking into a space of colours . Or is it black ? Or is white ?
The last time i walked into her house , she shouted at me for wearing slippers . And today here i am , with my converse on , waiting for her to smile and grin and say ” yes , that’s my doll ” . I walked into the kitchen , replacing my favourite plastic plate with a glass plate , hoping she miraculously walks into the dining room , and is proud of me for not forgetting to do so .
i can see her , but can’t hear her , or feel her . Well is it time, who is our enemy ? Or is it cancer ? Or is it going to be memories , our new enemy ?

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