So the story goes like this . Nathan needed to make place for something new in his house ,  but instead he  was trying to break the wall down .He definitely didn’t need to break a wall down to make place for something big , unless he wanted everything , the whole world of happiness and money to fit into the tiny place .  Yes that’s how it is supposed to sound . He told Tasha  to move to some place new alone  . Just to have himself  , welcome her when she stepped in to her new place . He said he wouldn’t be there cause he’s moving on to more important things . Yea I would think , more important things like a new job . But to him the more important thing was catch the flight before her just so that he could welcome her when she tried to start something new at a new place    He told her that  she  should be with someone else , someone who deserves her  more than him .
           To her , it seemed more like him trying to get a replacement for himself  ,  than him wanting to get herself a replacement . Of course , that’s what I would have thought too , until He ask’s her to be a replacement to  ” herself ” in his life . A replacement to a familiar past after intervals . She walked down the street that evening , Thinking is this a movie  ?   



           Nah , Maybe it’s like going to the movies , you see the same character before and after the intermission , But the intermission is what really matter’s isn’t it ? That’s the real world . You may not know the people sitting in front of you , or behind you . You grab your phone to text someone or revert to the call from your family member . Well That’s the truth . Those are the people You’re supposed to count on , cause they were there before the movie and after the movie . and when the screen is black and when the character just goes away for a brief while . 


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