As a younger person, funerals tended  to be few and far between. Until the last funeral , where i found myself to be fragile . I could only imagine , how weak are the people who knew Her longer and better than me . At the funeral home , As i sat at the porch , so many known and unknown faces walked passed me . Some were drowned in grief and some maintaining funeral etiquette with a straight face , walking in having a look at someone who has changed their life in some way or the other . Ironically , the person in the Refrigerating Coffin , is someone they know by name , yet they choose to refer to her as just a ” Body ” . 
      But then there was a man , who sat beside her . Clearly she was more than just a dead body to him at that moment . He wanted her to look presentable to the people who came to pay their last respects , as he gently brushed her hair with his fingers . Then walked in women and men  with all the possible hysterical crying sounds , as they hugged him to share his grief , and support him . But to me , he was being more of a support to them then they were to him . I think that is one of the perks of being a husband to the most beautiful , strong and  bright-headed woman who can overcome a human phenomenon as death and continue to live well  and better than a person who is alive and just existing .
      i bet many of the wise adults thought it was an art of manliness , to not shed a tear when you’re hurting . But to me , that man was way deeper than their shallow thoughts . I remember breaking down and crying and he smiled at me trying to make me feel better . When he was supposed to be one of the people who broke down . But from the outside it looked like a fence of calmness . Maybe Aunt , was right , when she told me yoga works . But then again , i was sure he’d break down at the funeral . 
     A suit and a tie , some etiquettes is what every man took to that funeral . But this man took much more than that . Of course , he was her husband after all . but then again , he took more than any husband would have taken to that funeral . He took her voice in his head , her face from different occasions  , some strength which none of the exercise or training  could give him , some calmness from the yoga sessions , and most of all HIMSELF . He was the man who couldn’t be moved . He stood there so composed as a pallbearer . He was the only man who not only knew , but showed that the mud he put over the coffin was something so earthly and could never bury a love . I may not even remember all these details some years later , but the only detail i’ll remember is , He was a HERO at the funeral , MY HERO . None of us could have had enough of her , like he did , and that was evident in his  smile ,his  strength and his love  for everyone at the funeral . 

                          This is dedicated to my dad’s best friend . He’s not even human , he’s an angel or a gem . Nonetheless my HERO.  I think more than all the people who are scared of his physical strength , Cancer is definitely ashamed of itself . 


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