When love takes a backseat .. And unfortunately you’re that backseat in someone’s life . When they have steps , before they reach their ideal life , and you’re that last step . Because they know , no matter what , no matter how long it takes to reach there , that last step is going to be waiting at the end of the journey .
It feels great to know that you’ll be that constant person in some ones life . But it definitely doesn’t make up for that void . It feels like a fight you’ve fought before and you know there is no loss or victory . Because everything you do in the present is in vain .
And then there is that question , why don’t you just let go instead of complaining ? But here is better than no where . I rather complain about not having everything I ever want now , than complaining about not having it at all .

” As we strain to grasp the things we desire, the things we think will make our life better, money, popularity, fame, we ignore the things that truly matter. The simple things like friendship, family, love, the things we probably already had. ” – ONE TREE HILL

For now it feels stupid to be waiting , when you’ve been waited on .

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