Well , when I read it . I thought it was about me . It’s every girls story. 🙂


She’s not got the upper hand. She’s not the one who decides. Even for herself. She behaves the way she is told to. Does what is expected of her. Maybe not always, but not for a second has she ever quit trying. Or taken a break. She’s independent enough to back off. Walk away. But that’s never an option in her mind. She knows that it’s all still there only because of her. Only because she chooses to look the other way and give it that millionth try. But she never gives up on you. Because she loves you. And when she tells you that, be sure that she means it with every bit of her soul. She knows you think of her as weak, for crying all those times. When it wasn’t even a big deal to you. She’s weak because she let herself depend on you. Because she…

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