Mother , Please Love me Too .

          I know it’s hard for you . Because the person being stood against , and the person  standing up for justice , are both your very own . And probably , before going to  bed you wonder ,”  how could they be mine , and yet so different ? ” . Well  , but before i go to bed , i wonder how could we both be yours and yet  treated so differently .

          I wouldn’t ever know what it is to be a mother till i’m one , but I definitely want to be a better one . I wouldn’t teach my child to ,  HAVE more than i Had  , but  to BE  a better person than i could be . But then again , that’s what I’ve learnt from you too . I would want a son to protect my daughter , and a daughter who could stand up for her self against the world  . Not a daughter protecting herself from my son , and not a daughter fighting ” her world ” instead of ” the world ” . 

          I think there are few things that wouldn’t let me hate you , in spite of how you refuse to talk to me , when i stand up for myself , after being abused , spat on and beaten , and how you lovingly pamper the one who did that to me . Maybe those are the moments i wouldn’t trade for anything . The moments of attention and love , which i crave  , when you patiently teach me to bake a cake , or wish me  Congrats when i fare well in an exam . 

          I  wouldn’t want an extra minute of your  attention  as much as i would want you to realize , I’m only as human as You’re and I’m hurting too . I don’t want to be the one to say ” Mother , loved me more than you ” , i Just want to be capable to say “ Mother loved me too





3 thoughts on “Mother , Please Love me Too .

  1. I wouldn’t know what it is to be a mother yet. But I definitely know what i wouldn’t want my child to feel . I’d be anything but sexist , with Gods grace. Thanks for reading the post 🙂

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