Dear December

Dear December ,

Maybe in a city like Mumbai ( Bombay ) , i shouldn’t have awaited  a supposedly ” cold winter “.  December you’re  enveloped with the heat and humidity and alot of reminiscing . I’d like to think you aren’t a cold December this year  , because you knew  It would take more than sweaters and cardigans to make it warm and special . You have an edge over the other months ,  because it’s Christmas and it’s all about new dresses and the latest shoes , the marzipans and the date rolls and walnut cakes to most of the people i know . I played some christmas carols on repeat to make it feel like a perfect December , but it didn’t help .

           Because i keep going back to the last december , the epitome of love , hope and happiness . Last year , around your time , I got to know my aunt was battling Cancer , there was hope , there was a prayer inside of me , there was a love , all of which i thought would last longer than a year .Mom thinks mourning is also about not putting up a christmas tree and not making sweets . So this year has taken away my privilege to alot of things , people , and what the hell , even the joy of stealing christmas sweets while mom prepares them

          I know it’s stupid of me to think that it all lies in how you want to make me feel during your month , when the power and magic lies within me . But then again i also thought Santa Claus was real and it made me happy . So I’d like to think you’ll do something about it to change how i feel this month . 

Your’s lovingly ,

A girl that used to make a big deal out of you !



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