Make love in private , but break up in public ! Really now ?

What’s with the new trend , make love in private but make sure you break up in public ? I personally feel , if the people in the neighbourhood do not disturb you when go out on your dates and make love , you owe them enough to not disturb them with the crying , screaming , screeching, and foul language on the middle of the street during the night when you’re on the verge of breaking up .
For the past two nights , I’ve witnessed so much of drama on the street at mid night . A girl being thrown out of the car by her boyfriend and her boyfriend suggesting that people should pay 50 Rupees to use her and have sexual intercourse with her , who am I kidding by making it sound pleasent , It was more derogatory than that . Her crying and yelling on the phone , refusing to go home with the held aided and after successfully waking up the children and elders in the vicinity , she gets in the car and goes home with her boyfriend .
Really ? I’m not even going to talk about self respect ! I think before sex education children should be taught about sensitivity ! If they think they’re mature enough to make love and make out with their boyfriends at a particular age , they should be mature enough to respect the sleep of others who have a monotonous and differently interesting life to wake up to !

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Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


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