The rough  water comes back to his  shore ,  

once a  year  the rain water gets delivered from the pregnant skies ,

rainbows are found by kaleidoscopic eyes ,

just like airplanes of memories   takes off   ,

lands and dissipates into cloudy flashes BIof your dark face once in a while ,

and just like I’m chased by shadowed dreams of you during the last mile. 

Fragile tears streaming from fatigued eyes , 
fractured memories  and dull aches in the bones , 
fragments of a picture of two , but all that is  seen is an unmasked you. 
Busy lives, where bye isn’t preceded by a hi . 

packed suitcases are less heavy than the emptiness weighing us  down , 
does air travel ? Because struggling breaths are floating astill . 
sorrowed  lips dripping off unspoken words , since when did birds ,  start following herds ?   

Anger , hurt , hope and hurt and anger , all in a cycle , 
Like a roller-coaster, minus the thrill . 
  flying around mountains that stand so tall ,
Never did the bird think , she’ll fall . 




2 thoughts on “THE BIRD

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