False Perception

Your hands around a waist ,
Your footsteps following a slim shadow ,
Sadly, it’s not a one time whore ,
Lingering in your mouth is her candy like taste .
Your touch travelling through a sensation up a spine ,
And moist kisses in a line ,
after sipping from a tall glass of wine .
Your arms wrapping a body like a blanket ,
A new weight in your hands to carry to bed , In a room dimly lit .
Put a ring on an alien finger ,
caress and love a stranger .
Ask her to a dance ,
Love her move and take the lead with every next glance ,
Late night conversations which could fit her into a long term memory slot ,
To your first lover , you’ve already brought wrath.
Walk a silhouette down an aisle ,
Comfort your loss , it’s hasn’t been your real lover all this while.

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