Just 6 months , 1 day ago . I saw her , unable to see me . I heard a silence so loud from a woman with sword like powerful words. I saw a flyer, on bed , unable to roll . I saw the air that everyone used to breathe around , borrow oxygen . I saw a fighter , fight until she closed her eyes . I saw cancer leave the room with her . I saw pain as constant .
Today I feel the constant need to be strong , the need to be a head-strong WOMAN. Today I feel the need to be who She was . I’ve washed my plate and not left it for the domestic helper to clean it for me. Planned a trip to the Himalayas. And bought some hair colour to streak my hair . Because that woman who lived her life young to the fullest , had still so much to be a part of , so much left to see . But bucket lists die with a person , and mine died with her . But that woman taught me to make a to- do- NOW list ! That woman taught me to live my life through her unfair death . That woman is constantly teaching me , even now.
My psychology teacher wrote down the definition of death on the board , but I think I’m going to be a rebel and not learn that one , cause I’ve just learnt a new one through this Woman’s Death

Happy Woman’s Day.

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