I was wrong , i always was , our bridge burnt down? No. It didn’t. We were on separate bridges, the only place we’d reach was a separate destination. I’m sorry for being wrong, not about you but myself. I believed in forever. Well but you taught me more of psychology than i learnt in my classroom . Well i only heard what conditioning was, you taught me that extinction follows conditioning, if it isn’t paired with the unconditioned stimulus. Well our love was just a conditioning, your entry at a horrible time, made me believe you were the comfort to all the miseries that would ever come my way. But from there, i took my life in my hands. I fell into worse ditches, but I got out of all those places with a vision of seeing better places. I still do have that vision. I think that is what extinction is all about, the death of hope. Well sometimes i generalize this one conditioning to other events, when i see myself , i see a narcissist at times. But i like the person i see, someone who loves herself way more than the experience. Who cares how a scar would look on her wrist or how messed her eye-liner would get if she began to cry when she was well-dressed for an occasion. I wouldn’t take anything from you, all I’d take back is something you never claimed to have. That’s myself. I will never deny that you know me inside out. And I will not deny that ever, because everytime I think about how someone would know me that well, and still manage to break me by walking away, gives me the courage to walk in my own shoes forward with pride.

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