“What is it that you value in private , and disown in public ? “

I don’t want to be the answer to that riddle. No ordinary girl would appreciate being made to feel, she is the key to all that happiness in your life, but turned out to  be the key only meant to  ” fiddle “. Not one of those, who’d love to be the destination every one can afford to visit, but definitely not one of those who’d love to be an exotic  get away location no one knew about. I’e tick off all the mentioned items on a  criteria list to be one of those, who’d be proudly claimed of to the world, and didn’t need to be hidden underground a dark world of private folders on the computer, or secret inbox’s and instant messaging accounts. I’ve been dubious about what it really takes to be owned emotionally by a person who claims to be less deserving of what he really has beside him in his gigantic uphill climb to success. It took me around 7 years 8 months and 15 days to figure out, the answer. And when it did strike me, it hit me hard. It was just two simple words ” MAN UP “

And what kind of individual would fear his family or his esteemed-split personality individual instead of l the fear of losing out on love?
An Indian son, overwhelmed with expectations of a great successful father, hopes threaded in tradition and coloured by modernity of the mother,and siblings that share lives, literally, by taking care of each others too personally. This doesn’t speak for all the  Indian sons. But it does come down to being less western, less individualistic, less a gentleman, and more of a ” mama’s boy”


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