Don’t remember , to forget

There is a map to the beauty spots on that girls face, and an easier way the boys manage to take her case.
Her latest fantasy happens to be reality.
Do U remember how she takes her coffee ? I ask because you got to forget how she does , she doesn’t drink coffee. Do U remember what she wants her wedding to be like ? Because she wants to plan a million strangers weddings with all those tiny details she used to plan her own. Do U remember her saying it didn’t matter where she travelled as long as it was with you ? Because she just planned on getting a job which involved travelling the world without you. Have you spoken to her lately ? if you haven’t drowned then you haven’t. Because her virtual reality is something you would drown in. Have you seen her latest display picture ? It’s not something that will make a difference , because all her pictures have that standard smile. But have you laid your eyes on those talking eyes?

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


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