Her professions.


To the rest she’d be seen as the court judge, Not like i don’t hold her in high esteem, but , well to me she’d make a good lawyer. That  is who she is, She’s an impartial listener to the world. But ” world ” is a big gigantic place to mention with too many people she wouldn’t care about. But to me she’s the best lawyer. The opposition would leave the argument before she even starts to defend

. They ask her , why not a therapist ? She wouldn’t take money to listen to the same problem over weeks, and be repetitive with her solution to the same problem. But to me her presence in my life is therapy.

They think she’d make a good speaker. i don’t want to be be that vocal about objectifying her, but to me she’d make a good podium. Cause she’s the one i stand tall on before i face the world to speak.

They think she writes well, i think they lie. They need floats before the dive into the depths of her words. How would they survive in the dept of crystal clear water. 

They think she can sing. Singing is a talent. This girl is just blessed to have that voice. 

They also think she is my best-friend. They’re wrong again. How do i call her a best friend. Why would I call her ” best” friend. It’s like having only one car and saying this is my best car among all my other cars. When i have no one her to compare her with , she just becomes my only true friend.

Well, she’d be good at anything. But she’s best as my friend, my sister, and my constant person (:


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