A LETTER FROM CANCER cancer I have felt victorious in every monstrous act of taking away people’s loved ones. But I have watched heaven and earth closely, She defeated me. I sit in grief as i type this, This woman is immortal. Its been decades , i have instilled fear, grief and paralyzed peoples life. But with her people, ya’ll wake up every morning to wreck vengeance on me. Ya’ll remember those parts of the story when she made your day, when she carefully crafted your summer vacations and her voice during telephonic conversations. Rarely do you remember how i took her away. Do ya’ll suffer from retrograde amnesia?I took that woman away. But in your minds and hearts she is still living. I barely knew much about her. So don’t mind, if i ask you , “Was she a teacher?” I hear about all the things she taught you’ll to do. And the most frequent one which i hear was, how she thought you’ll to live a meaningful fun filled life. I am really startled by how her death is still a learning lesson to all of you. I have been employed by Death. The profile of his organization, was a little different when i read up. It said the end of life , was Death. But this woman is still living. I see no purpose , or gain in taking her away when she still continues to do all of the things’ she used to do. Except those long routine days, where she wouldn’t take a break and do her account work, house chores, love her dogs like little babies. But that is the mundane world, isn’t it. I feel embarrassed to say, i now know there is an alternate world that is bigger than the mundane world. Well, i learnt it from her. Also i am jealous, she is popular in heaven too. And all i have gained with my existence is hatred, Sometimes they say they learnt a lesson through my existence. But they are human, they lie. they’re imperfect and naive at times. They learnt a lesson through her life. And i wasn’t a part of her life. She was bigger than life. she was bigger than this mundane world.Well i can’t resign from working for death, its more of a contract. But i just wanted all of you to know. You had a better hold of her than i did. I lost. Kudos to her. I am Sorry. CANCER.


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