Prey in an infinite space ?

Enclosed in a cage. It is almost like role play , with you being offered the role of a prey . That cage, disempowered you, didn’t it? Moving within finite space. Yet the bars of the cage did not let the infinite beasts to get their hands pass through the cage, to get to you. A sense of security in a tiny boxed parallel world. Have you ever felt short of space and failed to figure out what that cage is? And just when you are free, left like a bird into the dense forests. You realize you were less of a prey in that cage than in this big world of infinite space.With intense fear, and rapid flapping of wings you go back to the old cage, and settle down, to only find that there is no one to lock it from the outside. And as much as you are in control of yourself , you have no control over what ties you down and what sets you free. You have no control outside the cage. And in the end your vulnerability in a finite space will not be as bad as the uncontrollable things in the infinite space. Are we really that brave to walk around as preys in an infinite world? Some of us, some of U are beasts. But then there are some who are waiting in cages waiting to be locked again.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone


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