Sharing the infinite.

It’s been a while, since I’ve felt we share nothing anymore.No feeling’s of like or dislike, and even empty space has the power to separate us not only physically but emotionally. The weather out is my cue to understand some thing’s in life are seasonal. But there are people who walk around with immortal feelings. The beautiful places I have recently visited serve as a reminder of my emotional independence. Standing on mountain cliffs, and rafting in rough waters make me feel comfortable to witness such beauty alone. An atlas can replace your hands in mine. We used to have so much to share. But there was a limit to the amount of feelings and experiences  we could share. Today all we share is the same sky. And as irrelevant as it sounds, we share something infinite. an infinite ceiling of thunder,lightening and  clear skies. We see all of these three things at different times and months. But the source of it is the same. That is so convincing, we are coming from the same place, from the same events and a same time at which we started , we just go through the same things at different times, and head at same locations at different times, and plan the same future in different ways. Maybe we could stop and plan for it to happen at one time. But even the infinite sky can’t plan for it’s sheltered people to see its different shades at one time. Who are we then to plan and synchronize time and place? Small creatures living under a sky of imitation stars. Even the sun and the moon greet us differently. who are we to expect the people we  both know to treat us the same? We often overestimate ourselves and our emotions to control other people, when we can barely control our own. Yet humbled and gifted with a common infinite white blanket, to remind us, we are not too handicapped from transcending these borders and getting back to a common source, a common place and a common time4255941_11344086_lz


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