Broken and fixed.

The plate fell. It broke into pieces. The pieces were chipped that it couldn’t be fixed to look whole , if placed together.

The current in the water swept the sand castle off the shore. no matter how much they tried , that same castle couldn’t be built again.
    Two examples is all it takes to let us leave people , broken and fallen apart ? Sadly, We forget people aren’t glass and sand. We’re made up of flesh and bones. We’re made up of shattered dreams and hope all at the same time.  We were created to experience loss and love. Happiness and Sadness. We can be broken and fixed all at once.

Yet we leave others broken,  fallen apart lying on the shore of life. Maybe if we try and fix humans, they may become better castles than they were.. more strong , and terrific, less vulnerable and more lovable.

Don’t try to be less broken than others . Try to fix more people than you break. Try to fix more people than the no of people who try to fix you. People aren’t meant to be left like broken pieces on the ground. We’re blocks. Meant to be built.


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