Safe Place.

Do you still go back to the safe place, The last time we went , we saw an intruders face.
People say it’s as safe as it used to be, but how’d I know, since you show up,  without me.

Castles should be built of sand,
how come you didn’t tell me I was gathering more than just those tiny fine particles ,
that don’t comply to the  the wind and sea.

Do your fingers still have that shattered magic ,
that we once used to hold  in the good old  days, 
or are they still  busy guiding intruders to the safe place , back , all the way .

And do you see me cling to the ship ,
as if it weren’t already sinking ?
Or do you still see the light jaded in the dark black sea of regret ?

All we see are Lone travellers in the sea trapped on the wrong boat, but all they see in the distant , is a silhouette of two  dancing across a vast landscape.


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