Nothing in the world is completely wrong.


If you go by what Paulo Coelho thinks of the world, you’d agree with “Nothing in the world is completely wrong”. Even a stopped watch is right twice a day, isn’t it ? But then again, hello, it is wrong during the other 22 times. Now you’d call me a pessimist, but I’d beg to differ and call myself a realist.

First of all, as long as we think nothing is wrong …we’ll never analyze poverty, crime and other social issues which raise its ugly head time and again. If we don’t see the issue, we’d never address it. On a personal level, nothing would be wrong with the world if we lived in Utopia or Elysium. But we don’t.

If you’re trying to be Rhonda Bryne and attract the universe to the positivity you have ,of the world being perfectly alright, then I’d join you and try my luck. Only because I agree that the world is in need of the power of secret , positivity and change. And who cares if we get it with law or positive energy or democracy or a miracle.

If I’d agree with you for a second and think there is nothing wrong with the world, it would be a bliss. But contrary evidence is going to weigh you down. In your world which isn’t wrong , I’m sure a million poor  people  are being fed right now, and the terrorists didn’t attack those Australians recently , leave alone the major terrorists attacks in India.

Or if I think  there is nothing wrong in the world, maybe I am  selfish to think like that. Because just when I’m fast asleep under a warm blanket in the winter, a family is sleeping on the footpath right below my building shivering to death. And yes something is wrong with the world, because as I’m typing this and acting sympathetic I still didn’t offer them blankets. Did I ?

Or maybe I’m wrong . The world is not in need of change. You and I are in desperate need of change. Here we are debating about a world which we don’t share in common. So oblivious that there can be a world independent of another’s world. Maybe that’s when we have the audacity to  say nothing is wrong with the world. When we are not hungry, cold and heartbroken. We think the world mirrors our life.

Check your watch already. Has it stopped ? While we’re debating about the glass being half full or half empty, there are parallel worlds which exist. One which includes people with full glasses and the other which includes people with empty glasses.


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