Old park

“Soon we won’t need any of this. There won’t be a need for you to disperse into thin air. Everything will stop. You heart won’t be  dodging feelings that my words bring to your head. You wouldn’t find me swinging in the old park of rejection. Love, I will be suffocated from your absence that had already started to consume me”



You’ve always been an emigrant, settled in my heart for too long. How do I ask you to leave. The truth is I don’t want you to. Maybe I’m insecure, I don’t want you to reach for places other than me. Or I could give myself more credit. I know this is the safest place you’d ever be. You make exceptions to literature. Presence and absence are now synonymous. Your Love is  outlined by lonliness. But not once have I felt empty. Your absence inhabits a variety of locales in my heart, that it would only be erroneous to feel empty. It is a heart brimful of your unavailability.