Grew up, trying to convince my mother I  can sustain myself, with that candy she refuses to buy me, trying to convince my father, eating that scoop of  ice cream will actually not get me a cold, little did I realize while convincing them about sweets and ice creams, I grew up convincing myself I could sustain my appetite for love, with that tiny miniscule drop of love you once offered, I could kill hurt by hurting more. Now, I like my share of sweets after a full course meal, and my scoop of ice cream on a warm sunny day. But wanting you is like wanting to kill myself on a cold winter night by waiting on the streets without a sweater, and telling myself I’m fasting, when I’m starving.



Easier to be a nature lover,maybe?

“The details of the tree trunk, the vibrant green caught my attention it made me want to stay. The bench was broken, yet it made me stay longer. At that moment I wished I didn’t have to leave this place. But the thought of how we meet  broken people, how we don’t notice the details of the emotion on their face and how we choose to not stay left me feeling sick. It’s easier to be a nature lover,isn’t it?”