Lights out 

“I think I’ve been way too hard on myself. I was trying to find a float, and reminiscing making life rafts with you that It slipped my mind that I’ve known how to swim since I was 3 years old.  I was looking for conversations, that I forgot to initiate some. I was looking for a room filled with  lights that I forgot to turn the lights on in my own room. Got to just jump into that lake and turn those lights on. ” 

Picture art by Jason Scottish


Blue daisies and warm light

The goddess of weather personally greeted her with two of her favourite seasons at one time. The pregnant skies finally  delivered droplets of rain she waited 9 whole months for. The breeze moved like an ambulance rushing to save a soul.The room was warmly lit, the fresh blue daisies giving company to her wild spirit. Everything in sync with her idea of beauty. But slowly through slightly open windows of repressed memory, entered a force that  collaborated with the rice lights, and illuminated a feeling so dark. Emptiness, could it be you?




“It took me just one match-stick,a candle,a spark, a lamp and a watch with my initial to make me happy. All this while I was searching. But now I know how to create it. It took me just one minute to put it all together. All this while I thought it would take me forever. It was light beaming from tiny holes . All this while I  thought the source would be a person. Happiness is right here”