After math 

You ask me how are you? 
I want to answer I am the  after math of you talking about loving me with a mouthful of leaving. But all I reply is a thousand little things which don’t catch your attention.

I say I want to hug you. 
But the truth is it’s just arms locked in losing and permanent smiles that don’t fade easily.  

I say I’m used to the cold, and these odd digits make me feel hot in spring. But I’m just cold from Frozen nothing’s of your silence. 

What a beautiful house you make out of longing. But darling it’s just windowless rooms of pain. 

I say I am numb. But it’s a burden to feel the razor sharp cuts of all these fragments of our present. 


Old park

“Soon we won’t need any of this. There won’t be a need for you to disperse into thin air. Everything will stop. You heart won’t be  dodging feelings that my words bring to your head. You wouldn’t find me swinging in the old park of rejection. Love, I will be suffocated from your absence that had already started to consume me”

Fallen for the sun

Yes old lover!
Yes you!
I now understand what it is to love from afar.
Your presence shines over me, filling my being with warmth.
But the closer we get…
In lightning speed we go from warmth to fire,
With me being the only person burning.
Now I know this distance is mandatory.
For only a fool would try to step closer to the SUN
And darling, I’ve been a fool.


Photo Credit : Adelene D’souza


“Her love for him had been contained in stanza form for too long. Longing and passion,both encapsulated in a rhyme scheme. She was aware that in language they were immortal, but they had buried each other  in their neural cavities decades ago. But it was only a matter of time, before she differentiated between the  warmth from a spelling and a body. Before she wrote in chaos and not in verses. For the coma  in her posts didn’t indicate a gap between two entities and a full stop didn’t indicate the ending that happened repeatedly”