If they agree. 

“Oh darling, 

I know you want me there. Closer to each breath you exhale and even closer when you inhale. I know you want to be able to pull me  out like handwritten letters on a day you are craving meaning. I know you want to touch every fibre of my being and turn Sparks into an emergency fire. But try convincing these ears that don’t hear you say these words. The hands that stretch for you but don’t reach your fingers even when you’re near and the legs that pretended it needed crutches. If they agree, I’ll agree”

Photo by Mark Del Mar


Bandaid messages

“She woke up one day, wanting to do things you read in novels like writing messages and locking them in bottles and throwing them out in the sea. Sometimes going deeper into the dense forests, as if  it were her own mind. What could she have possibly craved for? To utter every word she ever could, to write it all down until she’d exhaust that sort of heartfelt ink. Maybe throwing messages of love into a vast sea, not knowing if it would ever be found or received was something she grew up doing, with his kind of uncertain reciprocity ”

Bandaid messages.

Art by Daniela


The Letters that were never sent (6)

“Go live your life” she said.
” Go find a new way. Go to new restaurants, eat the cuisines I detest. Listen to the songs you like
and  not the one’s that have been dedicated to you. Let your suitcase and office files ride shotgun.  Stay away, lose contact. Travel the world.  Fall in and out of love. Get hurt, go get broken and know it will all fall back in place. For I would have used that distance,time and space to collect the exact no of broken pieces to match yours.We’ll fix each other in the end. Come back”

Sunshine kisses under the stars

He didn’t promise to get her the moon. Which girl in her right mind would want the moon. But he got the universe to provide a starry ceiling when she looked up after his mouth tasted like summer on a cold winter night. He believed she deserved both sunshine kisses and stars. But this tower  crumbled with one small gust and she has been in ruins awaiting reconstruction.