“And I’ll spread over your concrete heart like wildflowers on a gravestone. Even death will start to grow.”




“He said she is the air that he breathes. She was furious as she believed it soaked in an ugly shade of lies. But he couldn’t be more truthful, she was the air he breathes in and then lawfully  breathes out


Green signals & Red flags.

“If I send you SOS signals, would you use the ladder to scale these heights? Would you fall in love with the house  surrounded by these circumambient walls. Or would you just pass by me, allowing yourself to believe you’d never be able to afford it. Would you break down these walls? For darling, I’m calling in help! Hoping these green signals will spot these red flags”


Ocean Eyes

The day wraps the sea, shore, vast landscapes, blue skies and everything that gets attracted  to her  magnetic eye, in romanticized summer air that she breathes.

But how could she ever fall in love with the night? Her solitude stuck to her skin like winter. Just like her clock stopped at 11:11 every night. Wrapped in fabric she waited for the day to pour fire  across her skin. The night worked over time to keep her at that distance to see     stars swimming in a  dark ocean. Yet she clawed at the air like it was smoke during the night hoping someone would see her ocean eyes.


Old pair of shoes.

“I rather go buy a new pair of shoes than send it repeatedly  to the cobbler for repair.The old pair of shoes don’t even look good with my new clothes,and sadly even if it fits well, it still looks bad when I look at it in the mirror, people notice how I should’ve thrown it out instead of wearing it. You’ve been that pair of shoes for too long, I won’t be leaving you at the cobbler anymore and neither do I have sufficient place to keep something I won’t be using”



“It took me just one match-stick,a candle,a spark, a lamp and a watch with my initial to make me happy. All this while I was searching. But now I know how to create it. It took me just one minute to put it all together. All this while I thought it would take me forever. It was light beaming from tiny holes . All this while I  thought the source would be a person. Happiness is right here”