Excerpt from a sent mail. 

“Between tangled timezones and endless space, stay trapped, a dozen conversations in front of that mirror.  That shade of lipstick, those earrings or the taste of that lotion. Which one did you hate the most? Y’all  created a dozen replications  of the same sequence. How did y’all end up loving that reflection, when all y’all spoke about were the little things you hate? What happens to all that truth your hands spoke to her waist ” -Excerpt from a sent mail 



​”Take me back to where it all began. The place I fell more in love with winter. Where, ironically it was about the warmth, that my body now owes yours. When the only people rooting for us, were mountains dressed in white capes and tall pine trees that only lifted my hopes higher” – 

Picture Art by Mason Prendergast.

Giant love

​”When you do open your arms I hope they stretch wide enough to hold me from a millenia and oceans away. When emptiness starts to pull me towards its depth, I hope your presence enters with loud thumping sounds of your monstrous feet. And when I do get cold on the inside, I’m certain that your words will work as fine as your lips and steal my heart with all your warmth. 

For darling, I’m counting on this giant love”
Giant love

Art work/ PC by Quinn Corrado

Drained ocean.

You were powerful. That was her firm belief. But you hated her for exaggerating your abilities, for overestimating you as a person. But it didn’t stop her from believing you could do the impossible. She always waited for evidence and the right time to tell you. She didn’t carry you and put you on that imaginary throne. You were already sitting there. She knew you were powerful, only because you were capable of draining the ocean. That’s exactly what you did, emptied her ocean of love, and humbled yourself by saying you’re only human, incapable of the impossible.



You’ve always been an emigrant, settled in my heart for too long. How do I ask you to leave. The truth is I don’t want you to. Maybe I’m insecure, I don’t want you to reach for places other than me. Or I could give myself more credit. I know this is the safest place you’d ever be. You make exceptions to literature. Presence and absence are now synonymous. Your Love is  outlined by lonliness. But not once have I felt empty. Your absence inhabits a variety of locales in my heart, that it would only be erroneous to feel empty. It is a heart brimful of your unavailability.


Sunshine kisses under the stars

He didn’t promise to get her the moon. Which girl in her right mind would want the moon. But he got the universe to provide a starry ceiling when she looked up after his mouth tasted like summer on a cold winter night. He believed she deserved both sunshine kisses and stars. But this tower  crumbled with one small gust and she has been in ruins awaiting reconstruction.