‚Äč”Take me back to where it all began. The place I fell more in love with winter. Where, ironically it was about the warmth, that my body now owes yours. When the only people rooting for us, were mountains dressed in white capes and tall pine trees that only lifted my hopes higher” – 

Picture Art by Mason Prendergast.


Fallen for the sun

Yes old lover!
Yes you!
I now understand what it is to love from afar.
Your presence shines over me, filling my being with warmth.
But the closer we get…
In lightning speed we go from warmth to fire,
With me being the only person burning.
Now I know this distance is mandatory.
For only a fool would try to step closer to the SUN
And darling, I’ve been a fool.


Photo Credit : Adelene D’souza