Between pages

“She must have preserved your love like flowers between pages of her favourite romantic novel, for it to have lasted this long. Only difference being, this love is growing, by spreading its roots in words of passion and giving colour to tainted white pages”


Bandaid messages

“She woke up one day, wanting to do things you read in novels like writing messages and locking them in bottles and throwing them out in the sea. Sometimes going deeper into the dense forests, as if  it were her own mind. What could she have possibly craved for? To utter every word she ever could, to write it all down until she’d exhaust that sort of heartfelt ink. Maybe throwing messages of love into a vast sea, not knowing if it would ever be found or received was something she grew up doing, with his kind of uncertain reciprocity ”

Bandaid messages.

Art by Daniela


Fighter boats of words.


I’ve Sent fighter boats of words to cross your ocean of silence and scream WAR.

You had a battle to fight, but I’ve already won. Will you step out of this grand tower of solitude?

This crown has no place, it belongs only with you.

I’m here. Open up. I’m back from the war I fought for you. Place your lips on my wounds. Get intimate with hurt. Please.

One last time


“If we’d have one last conversation, you’d do all the talking. Wouldn’t you? And if it was the last time we’d get to exchange love, you’d be the only one giving. Wouldn’t you?
      For every word I’d say has already been heard. And everything I’ll ever have, Is already with you. And if yet you have no words to give,  wrap the words that fell out of my mouth with melodies my ears long for. And love, If you have none to give, remember I’ve given you enough for the both of us”


I hurt from your words  that ricocheted.Wishes of longing belch out of your  mouth  and then  it reluctantly calls each of them back to gather in your mouth.I spend days and months trying to search for them, but they carefully hide  beneath your tongue as you roll it to emit hopeless words. I long for those phantoms,as I watch them recede back in your mouth. But you’re too far to look for those inconsistent declarations  behind your lips, hiding between your teeth,  and sometimes swallowed  by your dark soul.