Kate and Nate

Kate was too shy to dance in a crowd ,
Or even sing in the bathroom aloud .
But with one, she promised to dance on the coast ,
With his silhouette , like A heavenly ghost .

Nate loved her too much,
But his love was like the wave which didn’t reach the shore ,
Overwhelmed with the high tide ,
He wanted nothing more .

they were Challenged by distance ,
They’d sleep side by side yet miles apart ,
They were trying to finish something they could never even start .

Nate said I love you and I hate you in the same breath ,
Kate tried to grab something when nothing was there left .

Their love was pure , sublime and perfection ,
But to them , the concept was always a misconception .

Nate reached the peak and there was nothing left to climb ,
On their way up , Kate lost their magic piece ,
And they were too blind to find .

Years after years , running over the same old ground ,
Yet again, only love , nothing else found .
Nate is busy getting over his fear ,
And Kate is just wishing he was near .

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